General Informations
The Christmas Run is a charity race over 5 km along Prater Hauptallee. The finish line is at the area ASKÖ Spenadlwiese. You can find details on the route map. As it is a short course, anyone can take part – no matter whether you run, walk or jump! The donated proceeds are for the benefit of the Sterntalerhof. You can start the race as a Christkind or a Weihnachtsmann. Who can bring the Christmas presents to the finish line fastest? You choose which team you’d like to race for.
To be entered in the rankings, you simply need to choose a team to run for during registration. Although this is a race for a good cause, this event should stir at least a little sporting competitiveness in you. You’ll race either as a Weihnachtsmann or a Christkind. There is an overall ranking for each team. This is made up of the average finishing time of all participants in each team. This means that, after the Christmas Run, we can crown one team the winners. In addition, there are individual rankings for men and women in both teams.
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